Marti Freund
Instrument:  Vioilin

The old violin stored away in the closet was dug out every Christmas for Marti's family to
look at. As a child it was a treat for her to handle it even with it's broken gut strings and mouse chewed edges. The violin was repaired and brought back to life so violin lessons could be started in fourth grade.

Marti played violin until graduating from high school, briefly switching to viola for the latter
part of her senior year. During her high school years she participated in three All State Orchestra concerts. After a very long hiatus of 37 years she had the urge to start playing again, practicing for a year before joining the Iowa City Community Stringed Orchestra in 2010. Marti played her first concert with the Muscatine Symphony Orchestra for the 2012 Fourth of July concert.

For 30 years Marti's time was devoted towards designing and building hand crafted kaleidoscopes, selling them across the country and internationally. Three of her kaleidoscopes are displayed in the first Kaleidoscope Museum in Sendai, Japan. Marti's most recent passion, in addition to the orchestra, is raising honeybees where she is a regular vendor at the Iowa City Farmer's Market selling honey and making candles, lip balms, and skin creams from the beeswax.

Marti lives with her husband on 21 acres south of Iowa City where they organically grow all of their vegetables and fruits.

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