If the Muscatine Symphony Orchestra hungers for musicians, the MSO Guild thirsts for all of the rest of the talents that are out there. No matter what your gifts may be, you are needed.

Do you have organizational skills? Can you brew a great pot of coffee or bake a wicked batch of brownies? (Sorry, the supreme fudge-making position is already taken.) Are you socially adept at making sure that everyone is enjoying the party? Are you good with numbers and can you talk business talk with area merchants? Are you good at selling—whether tickets to an event with a concert or ads for programs? Are you the quiet go/fer—do /fer who likes to smooth the way with careful attention to polishing details?

No matter what your special gifts in life might be, you are wanted by the Muscatine Symphony Orchestra Guild.

The Symphony Guild is a group of volunteers who believe that the Muscatine Symphony Orchestra is a great community treasure. It is made up of men and women who assist with concert ushering and receptions, who help with publicity, and who plan exciting fund-raisers. If you would like to roll up your sleeves, help out at concerts, brainstorm ideas, or just plain want to be a part of the orchestra project as a living organism in our community, you are needed! There is no membership charge and members are fluid according to project needs. We ask only for your help with making the Symphony a staple in Muscatine’s entertainment feast.

Our Volunteers

Members of the Guild:

Chairman: Dennis Tripp

Carolyn Airola
Helen Bolton
Carmen Bugay
Morse Burington
Lori Carroll
Max & Leta Churchill
Helen Colony

Morse Burington
Max & Leta Churchill
Helen Colony

Kristine Conlon
Shirley Dillon
Dave & Teri Hanson
Larry Hetzler
Shelley Lawson
Cynthia Maeglin
Evie Marr

Chairperson: Cynthia Maeglin

Dave & Terri Hanson
Cynthia & Dave Maeglin

Deborah Penner
David Pusateri
Stephanie Romagnoli
Ingrid Rowe
Dick Sessler
Magie Tiecke
Micki Tripp

Ingrid Rowe
Maggie Tiecke
Micki Tripp